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"Wake up wake up wake up wake up wake up!" A tiny, black kit squeaked at his littermates, nudging them with his paws. "Falconstar's gonna make us apprentices!" The kit said, overjoyed. Two tiny heads looked up as the kit's two siblings woke up.

"What's going on?" one of the two kittens, a golden tabby asked. "I'm cold and tired," he complained to his excited sibling. The other cat, a black-furred she-kit's ears perked up energetically.

"Our apprentice ceremony already?" She asked. "I thought that was tomorrow!"

"It was!" The kit who had woken them said. "Yesterday! C'mon, Beekit!" He said, nudging the golden tabby kit to his feet. "We gotta become apprentices now!"

"But it's so early," Beekit whined weakly, "and Tansyleaf hasn't even woken up yet!" He pointed his small tail toward his golden tabby mother, sleeping soundly, despite the noises the kits were making.

"Don't worry!" the black tom kit said. "We can wake her up!" He offered, sprinting over to Tansyleaf. He tripped on a stray piece of nesting and tumbled headfirst into the she-cat. He picked himself and quickly brushed himself off. "C'mon, Shadowkit!" he called to the other black she-kit.

"But Tansyleaf's gonna be mad when we wake her up!" Shadowkit called to her sibling. "She might tell on us!"

"She wouldn't do that!" her brother retorted. "C'mon! Don't you wanna be a warrior?"

Shadowkit nodded, running over to help wake up her mother. Of course I want to be a warrior, she thought, who doesn't?

"Alright, on three, one, two, three!" he said, and they both started nudging Tansyleaf awake. Tansyleaf opened her eyes and saw the two kittens desperately trying to wake them up.

"Starlingkit? Shadowkit? What are you two doing awake?" the queen asked them. She eyed the thin, golden tabby kit farther away. "Beekit, you too?"

Beekit looked at his paws and let out a small cough. "It was their idea!" he blamed, pointing his tail at the two cats by her side. "They wanted to wake you up so they could be warriors!" Beekit coughed again. "Starlingkit woke us up!" he cried. He curled back up in a small ball and tried to go back to sleep, his body shaking slightly.

"Tansyleaf?" Shadowkit asked her.


"Why is Beekit sick?"

"Well," Tansykit started, trying to explain the best she could, "There's just a cold going around, that's all."

"Tansyleaf?" Starlingkit piped up, chiming in on the conversation. "Is Beekit gonna be ok?"

Tanslyleaf opened her mouth to answer, but shut it again. She looked over at Beekit, then back to Starlingkit and Shadowkit. She paused, trying to find the right thing to say to her kits.

 "If StarClan decides to make him better, then he will get better. Don't worry, Starlingkit, he will be fine."

Starlingkit smiled. "We're gonna train to be warriors together! And he's gonna be deputy when I become leader!" He said. "You hear that, Beestripe?" He joked. Beekit lifted his head up from his dozing off.

"Yes, oh great Starlingstar!" He joked, but started wheezing and sputtering.

"I'm going to have Swanfang look at him after the ceremony," Tansyleaf promised. "Whitecough isn't going to get the best of my little warriors, now will it?" Starlingkit and Shadowkit shook their heads in unison. "And what's a good cure for whitecough?" She quizzed the two kits. "Sleeping. You wouldn't want to wake up the whole Clan with your constant yelling, now do you?"

The two kits shook their head. Shadowkit gave Starlingkit an I told you so look. At least the whole Clan didn't see me, Shadowkit thought, making herself feel a bit better about she and her brother's constant goofing around. I told Tansyleaf was gonna get upset, but he didn't listen to me! He'll embarrass me in front of the Clan during our apprentice ceremony if he keeps that up! Falconstar's gonna be so ashamed of us!  She worried.

 Shadowkit curled up to try and rest, but the anticipation for her apprentice ceremony kept preventing her from getting any sleep. What if I'm not a good warrior? What if Starlingkit is better than me? She frowned and shut her eyes, trying to envision herself at her apprentice ceremony, PineClan cheering her name, hr beaming with absolute delight. Oh, what's the use in worrying? She concluded, I'm going to be such a good warrior. PineClan will be so proud of us. They'll be proud of Starlingkit and Beekit, too.

With that, a blissful slumber overtook her, and she slipped quietly into sleep, dreaming of a life of serving her Clan.

Ta-da! Chapter One is finally done!

So here we meet a few of our protagonists, in all their fluffy kitten glory!

As you can see, Starlingkit, Beekit and Shadowkit are going to become apprentices soon, and they're totally psyched about it! Starlingkit wakes the two up, excited and they wake up their mother and they get in trouble.

Beekit also has whitecough, since the Clans are being greatly affected by the greencough epidemic, so that's why he's coughing so much.

Comments and critiques are greatly appreciated!

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Kill the child! KILL THE CHILD!
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I had already planned Falconstar's death before you even asked me to kill kits. I assure you, this fic will have more deaths, though it's not because you asked me.
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This is good.
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